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spot on


    spot on

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    When I started playing video games, they looked like this:





    Now they look like this:





    It’s all so incredible and beautiful. Video games are amazing.

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tucking in my children


    tucking in my children

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  6. ._.


    Think of a car. This car is a thought. This car is particularly your thoughts on Harry Potter. Every time you think of Harry Potter, this car starts up. This car goes around a track. This track is your mind. Now within your mind you have other thoughts . These thoughts are in fact other cars. Each car represents a different thought and will start and stop at different speeds. In this sense, you can literally have thoughts racing.

    Now, think about how thoughts aren’t actually linear, and neither is your mind. Think of it like the Earth. There’s more than just cars. There’s planes, boats, and even submarines. Each with their own speeds. Each with their own directions. Now think about what would happen if they all of a sudden started running into each other. Think about your thoughts on life and how it’s a blimp and your thoughts on the future and how it’s just a mountain on wheels, and how the both of them were going in the opposite directions, and how one hits the other and sets it on fire and causes it to crumble. And how the other cars seeing this blimp crash into this mountain stop and cause a pile up, which is so big that from the sky the airplanes see it and get distracted and run into each other. Raining fire and debris below, causing more cars to crash which make the technician inside the car late to work at the nuclear submarine manufacturing company, so they have to use their intern who sucks at building safety requirements, and then the submarine that gets built that day takes off. And once it hits a certain depth it starts to compress and implode and then all of a sudden the nuclear power that drive it over reacts then explodes. Thus vaporizing a significant amount of water on the surface, which causes boats to fall down, which causes the collapse of the thought economy because without those trading thought boats those thoughts didn’t get where they needed to go. And slowly the world is falling apart and on fire, each thought speeding into it’s own oblivion. Thoughts begin to
    fall apart. Thoughts begin to cease movement. Thought debris over clutters and takes up all the thought space there ever was-

    And then there’s you.

    Beyond the fire, beyond the cars, beyond the thoughts.

    Just standing there, making it all go away.

    Just smiling and being there.

    And then that’s when I realize.

    You’re all that’s ever mattered.

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    Porky Pig’s speech pattern deconstructed.


    :O that was amazing

    I always thought they were just random sounds. That’s kind of mind-blowing.

    I’m over this man for making it seem so simple lol

    the last thing he said is what sold it to me tbh

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  8. photo

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  10. Some time ago when we first met, and I very distinctly know how, there was a time in which I thought you were the single most wonderful thing in the world. As in, there was nothing else I thought was better and no one else id rather even know. And to me the worth was the joy of it all. I used to think that so hard. Used to. I mean, still do, but definitely just to see for how long.

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