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  2. So I was in Denver…

    Last semester shopping for gloves because my fingers are pretty slender and they get cold as fuck. Were in the store finding the best pair and we come across these fifteen dollar brand name ones with touch sensitive tips so I can still use my phone. Satisfied with style meets utility I grab them and go to check out. While in line there’s this man in front of me. He has this awesome and adorable baby pit bull dog. It is honestly the most wonderful little thing ever. It’s the perfect coat of grey with a little white and it has probably the most zen amount of energy anyone could ever see in a living creature yet alone a dog- which if you’ve ever been a puppy owner will know exactly what I mean. He makes his way to the front of the line and his dog on the leash follows and everyone is smiling and happy. It’s incredible how one animal can bring so much life to one dull grey snowy day. I check out my gloves and start to walk away, then I hear a scream followed by an incredible silence. I walk over to the escalator and a woman comes by, old probably a little too old, she’s holding her mouth and pointing, saying don’t go over there. People are frozen and as if a wave, closer and closer one by one hands went from hips to mouths as eyes averted and filled with shock and tears. And then the wave hit me. As the man who I just saw moments before came closer. As the man who I just saw moments before complimenting his dog, walked by….I saw the very dog in his arms-limp. Lifeless. Unmoving. It’s tongue seemed to stick out of its jaw and I saw it’s tail, or what was left of it, the fur and bone sticking out. And then he passed and a second wave of conversation blew over. It hit me as I heard the story of how the escalator caught the dog, and claimed his tail. I turned away to see the animal and made myself believe that it’s chest was still beating. I forced the image of hope into my head that he would be taken to a doctor and he would be okay in a month or so, but forever have this broken stubby tail- but the truth is I will never know.

    And what I took from this incident is…life happens in so many ways. Good or bad, whichever you choose to see everyday. But just as that happens things change in almost utter unforeseeable and irrational ways, and there’s nothing you nor I or anyone can do about it. What we can do is accept the world for what it is and it’s ways- and appreciate it in all it’s forms of glory while we can. My version of that is living in the now- some call it procrastination, I mainly see it as living while I can cause in an instant I may not be able to. Sure there is work to be done, but I do work under pressure and that works for me so far. Beyond that though, if you’ve made it through this read and you want more….hope. You have to hope.

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Some signs exist because theyre practical Others have a hell of a story behind them


    Some signs exist because theyre practical Others have a hell of a story behind them

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    so is anyone secretly in love with me yet

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    if hot dads make hot kids and ugly dads make hot kids then who makes the ugly kids??

    ur dad


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  7. If at ever you wanted truth, you’d only need “ask”


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Tell me a bedtime story




    Tell me a bedtime story


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